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Calvin L. Harris

UI / UX Designer + Developer

About Me

A Queens Native, now residing in Brooklyn. It started in the early 80’s, growing up in  St.Albans, Queens. Known for its deep history in Jazz and Hip-Hop culture. Growing up there turned me into “a Hungry Hip-Hop Junkie” with a passion for visual art and new technology. Basically, you can find me doing something creative and listening to Hip-Hop music or writing code and listening to a podcast. I founded my business, StompinGrounDigital Design (SGD-DESIGN) in 2010, many years after I first came up with the name and kept putting it off. I never imagined I would be working on a variety of high profiled websites seen by people world-wide. Some of my most recent projects include: Loud Speakers Network, YouGottaEatThis!, Swaray, BCakeNY and Black Girls Rock .

  • Front-End Development 90%
  • UX + UI Design 95%
  • CMS Customization 85%

  • SMACSS (modular SASS)
  • HAML + Kit
  • PHP
  • jQuery

  • Yoeman
  • Bower
  • Grunt / Gulp
  • Codekit
  • Sublime Text
  • Coda 2
  • Bracket

  • Wireframes
  • Style Tiles
  • Flow Charts

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Spectrum App
  • Ember App
  • Skitch

  • WordPress ( Custom Themes, Custom Child-themes, Custom plugins)
  • Expression Engine
  • Tumblr
  • Shopify (Custom Themes and modify premium add-ons)
  • Koken, Photography CMS
  • Drupal ( Custom Sub-themes)

  • DesktopServer (local WordPress development)
  • MAMP (local site development)
  • Pantheon (remote Drupal/Wordpress development)
  • Git
    • Asana’s SourceTree app
    • BeanStalk